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Who's this guest author?

Hello, welcome to Nerdblurt. I'm Brendan and I'm a guest author here on the site. You're probably wondering why I'm here. This blog is focused on a variety of topics and I'm fairly opinionated on many of them. When I was looking for a place to share my thoughts, Luigi simultaneously shared that he was kicking off his blog again. Luigi is an amazing human and we share similar interests that we'd blog about, so it seemed like a great idea to me for us to team up and share our thoughts together in the same space.

Now to the point of this post, who am I? I'm a technology geek that loves to play around with and learn about the latest industry trending tech.

My core reason for blogging is that I want to share my knowledge and thoughts on industry trends in technology with a broader audience. Industry trends that are currently, at the time of this post, exciting to me and you can expect to see content around are: DevOps, SecOps, SRE, Platform Engineering, Generative AI, and Developer Experience. I'm a passionate advocate of developer experience making it as simple as possible for software engineers to get their creative solutions into the hands of users and receive feedback of all forms to improve those solutions. Everything else that I am interested in around the technology industry revolves around that core desire. In addition to technology, you can expect posts related to culture, process, and organizational design. I believe that organizational decisions directly impact the success of the teams doing the work. I'll share my thoughts and experience around what works and what doesn't.

I'll also be sharing some thoughts around sports. My teams are all Boston based, sorry, not sorry. Hockey and football are my sports of choice. You can expect to hear a lot of anger around the Patriots and Bruins. I'll sprinkle in some occasional praise and thoughts around what they might do to get better. Professionally, I care a ton about continuous improvement and that mindset bleeds into all of my posts including sports. You can expect that I will provide data to support my opinions. As an engineer, I believe that all opinions and decisions should be formed around data that has been verified. This is a core value that I apply to sports discussions as well. Past blogs of mine on sports included statistics directly related to every post. For example, expect posts around receiver separation and how the Pats rank dead last or how the Bruins top line generates a majority of their scoring.

Lastly, you'll catch me drooling in the comments section over Luigi's food posts. While I wish I was a master in the kitchen, I am far from it. I do love me some food though, so the occasional post about some outstanding restaurants and dishes in the area can't be ruled out. These will be much less frequent, but I'll be in Luigi's comment section frequently.

I plan to be a frequent content creator on this site. I'll be limiting my content to posts for the time being and might look to contribute podcast/video type content in the future.

Obligatory Disclaimer

My thoughts and opinions on all topics on this blog are 100% my own and not influenced or related to my employer.

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