BlurtCast- Helping one slide at a time

The time has come for the first BlurtCast!! Please join me and other community members to feel more comfortable presenting! If you missed my last post, be sure to read it and send a presentation for us to use! You can choose to help mentor those wanting improvements. Chris Colotti is planning on helping mentor… Read More »

How-To Enable VM to Automatically reboot on ESXi host

I have been around the virtualization community for a number of years. Until my role at HP, I haven’t had many real world use cases for my learning. I would just install vSphere and then start loading VM’s onto it. I was plagued by having to restart my virtual machine’s automatically. I checked the virtual… Read More »

BlurtCast reborn- Call for Presentations!!

  BlurtCast was originally started awhile ago for social media webinar topics. I didn’t give it a lot of time to gain any traction and let it fall down on the priority list. The new focus on BlurtCast 2.0 is pretty simple, to help me and others be better presenters. To conquer the little challenges… Read More »

Unable to install VMware Big Data Extension Plug-in 1.1 after removing BDE 2.0

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert tl;dr Version:  Don’t trust version numbers on folder names.  I somehow had 2.0 plugin files in my 1.1 folder, so no matter how many times I installed/re-installed 1.1 it continued to use the 2.0 files.  Delete ALL vsphere.bigdataextension folders from c:ProgramDataVmwarevSphere Web Clientvc-packagesvsphere-client-serenity I seem to have come across an odd bug… Read More »